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Performed by: Sylvia Ion and Terry Bay
Written by: Sylvia Ion and Bill Harper

Have a happy holy-day and a merry Christmas
Have a happy holy-day and a merry Christmas
Have a happy holy-day and a merry Christmas
Have a happy holy-day.

All the colors seem to glow
The light just seems to flow
A sparkle here, A flash over there
Could it be Christmas?
A twinkle and a blink
A pretty tree, what do you think?
It sure is some kind of something
But it ain't Christmas.

Have a Happy holiday and a blinkin' Christmas...

I miss Christmas past when we knew what it was for
Now it's just a blinkin' Christmas without you.
It used to stand for peace on earth now it's a holy war.
It's just a blinkin' Christmas without you.

Have a happy winter day and a merry Blank-mas...

I sense the danger
Of an empty manger
As I spin around a tinsel tree.
Calendar pay for a blinkin' holiday
File it away with the Easter bun-nay-ay-ay-ay-ay

Have a happy winter day and a merry Blank-mas...

I try to compliment the mood with a lot of red and green
But it's just a blinkin Christmas without you.
Plowing past the courthouse, there's no nativity scene
It's just a blinkin' Christmas without you.

Calculate the danger
Of an empty manger.
As we exhalt moot men in red.
Who would have thought
With each little bauble bought
Frivolous holidays
Would be dancing in our heads?

Oh, it's just a blinkin' Chr--Get Him out of my songs
ACLU : "Get Him out of my sight!"
ACLU : "Get him out of your cards!"
ACLU : "Get him out of your yards!"
ACLU : "Now we're gonna sue!"
ACLU : "What ya gonna do?"
It's just a Blankin' Christmas. BLANK YOU !!
ACLU : "Get him out of my view!"

Have a happy winter day and a merry Blank-mas...
It's just another winter day
c. Sylvia Ion 2004

We are tired of the ACLU desperately trying to validate its existence by intruding into Christmas, The Boy Scouts of America, and apple pie while defending NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and supporting the killing of the "almost" born. This is one artist's attempt to expose just how ridiculous this organization really is. WE SUPPORT THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA and so does the Supreme Court. Don't allow the ACLU to bully you into discriminating against them.

Does the ACLU despise our children?  It is impossible to ignore how their issues touch children:

CHILDREN LOVE CHRISTMAS, Children are harmed by NAMBLA, The Boy Scouts are helping young boys become fine young men, and what do you think their rigid stand is on partial-birth abortion?  If they respected children, their position might land somewhere between maybe and no--but of course someone who despises children would support killing them seconds before they see daylight.  And apple pie? Well... I invite you to do a little research on the ACLU. They changed their communist affiliation only because Hitler was making communism so unpopular at the time.  CHILDREN LOVE CHRISTMAS!



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